“I had a very distressing custody battle raging with several trumped up allegations made against Desiree Rivasme. After interviewing four different attorneys I choose Randi Susan Klein. Randi was a God send for me. I went to court three different times with Randi as my Lawyer, and all three times I came out the winner. Randi is not only affordable but she is a very experienced, honest, caring, highly intelligent and  very zealous attorney. Everything that I needed done in my case, she was able to resolve, and I am very grateful for her help. I highly recommend Randi to anyone in need of an attorney.”- Desiree Rivas


“Family law and dependency matters are one thankless yet an most important duty for a law Louis and Tangofirm.  Not only because of the intricacies and complexities of state and multi-jurisdictional entities, but also because this is about the only side of law practice that involves the most important people in the world, our children.  In no other side of jurisprudence, do lawyers and judges have to have the wisdom of Solomon, the knowledge of Hammurabi, and the reasoning of Spinoza.  Randi Susan Klein can fill all three in fighting for the needs of families and the children involved.

Knowing Randi Susan Klein, having several close friends across the continent having dealt with her, and seeing her solve difficult cases involving dependent children in different family situations, including domestic partners, non-standard family units, and cases involving domestic abuse, all with steadfast professional applomb,  has engendered incredible professional respect for her.  She is a go-to person in contentious cases. ” – Louis Botta, Retired: Dept of Homeland Security/FEMA and US Airforce

“Randi Klein recently handled a case for my family. She is a peerless professional, a tenacious Dr_Kirk_Ecklund, M.Dadvocate, extremely effective, efficient, and exceptionally well prepared. She has my strongest possible recommendation.”  – Dr Kirk T Ecklund, M.D.






Today,                                                                                                   image1

You were everything I had Hoped for;
You were well prepared;
You came to battle;
You battled magnificently;
You won;
You were George Patton in the courtroom.
All of our family thanks you!!!”

Jim Wornall, Retired: Lieutenant Colonel, US Army