Brad Pitt cleared of charges of child abuse. What is the significance of that?

This is the result which I expected. My sense told me that the charges of child abuse, against angie-and-bradBrad Pitt, were without merit. Even if Angelina had reason for concern, I felt that she exaggerated to gain an advantage in their custody proceeding. That is never a wise thing to do. Particularly in a state like California which favors joint custody. And, encourages both parents to have a relationship with their children.

I worked in the dependency arena my first eight years in practice. Dependency cases involve representing child in the foster system who have been neglected and abused, as well as representing parents who have been accused of wrongdoing. In my experience, the social workers within the court system will not file a petition for dependency court jurisdiction, unless they believe that the children are at risk. Similarly, they will not lightly dismiss petitions unless, after a careful review, there was no finding of wrong doing.

Therefore, if the Department of child and family services cleared Brad Pitt, it is safe to say that he probably did not committ acts of child abuse.

Angelina is going to have to re evaluate her strategies. If she continues to hurl unsubstantiated allegations against Mr Pitt, to gain an advantage in a custody proceeding, it can back fire. California family law Judges really do no appreicate that.