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Will Angelina’s past come to haunt her as she trashes Brad Pitt?

angelina-jolie-tattoosAccording to a recent article in the New Your post, it appears that Angelina Jolie’s trashing of Brad Pitt is quickly backfiring. For the past 12 years, Angelino Jolie has been a master at manipulating the media. People had begun to see her as a saint. She was held out as a role model mother, who traveled the world to help the less fortunate. People has forgotten about her past image. Now that image is coming back to haunt her. People are starting to remember her twisted past.

People are starting to remember the drugs, the blood viles, and her affair with her biological brother. Not to mention, the tatoos.

A colleage, who recently commented on Jolie, accurately said that when you point the finger at someone, four fingers point back at you. Angelina has been a bag of psychological tricks since she was a teenager.

As to perceptions, the public did admire her during this past decade. But they loved and still do love Brad Pitt.

Are the allegations that Brad Pitt committed child abuse credible?

For twelve years, Brad Pitt and Angelina were held out as model parents and philanthropists. angie-and-bradThough they were only married for two out of the twelve years that they were together, they symbolized public bliss. They traveled the world together on diplomatic missions, helping people in third world countires. Three of their 6 children were adopted from third world countries.

Now there has been an about face. Angelina filed for divorce last week. Since that time, there are unconfirmed public allegations that Brad committed child abuse. That he was verbally and physically abusive to their children on their private plane.

How can this be? How can a man who was once an icon for good parenting, suddenly abuse his children?  What would trigger such an about face?

I am viewing this news with a juandice eye. It is easy to hurl accusations, and unfortunately, it is not uncommon when people split.

I have been involved in matters wherein one party falsely accuses the other of domestic violence. It is highly scantionable to falsely accuse the other party of domestic violence. The party who wrongfully accuses can wind up paying for the other parties defense and costs, as well as the time it takes the defense lawyer to prepare for the hearing on those issues.

Accusing someone of domestic violence should never be used as a strategy or tactic.

It should be noted that the LA Police Department stated that Brad Pitt will not be investigated for domestic violence.

I am not saying that it did or did not happen. I was not there. What I am saying is that people should not jump to conclusions or automatically believe the accusations of one party against the other. Particularly if they are in the midst of a dissolution proceeding. By its very nature, divorce is contentious.