Los Angeles Family Law Attorney, Randi Susan Klein

Going through a divorce can be a draining time financially and emotionally.  I am here to help you get through this stressful time in your life. My goal is to guide you through this process, provide you with an understanding of Randi-Susan-Klein-family-law-attorneythe legal issues, and to help you avoid costly legal consequences.  I have been practicing law in California since I was admitted to the Bar in 1991. I am an experienced litigator, and I have appeared in courts in counties throughout Northern and Southern California.

Thus, while I will do my utmost to narrow and settle the issues before proceeding to trial, you can rest assured that if you reach an impasse with opposing counsel or your ex-spouse, I will competently and zealously advocate for you in court.

My practice is focused on family law with an emphasis on child custody issues. I have an extensive background in juvenile dependency matters, which sets me apart from other family law attorneys who litigate custody battles. In dependency cases, children become wards of the court and are placed in foster care, while their parents go through rehabilitation. Often times, their parents are in and out of jail.  Sometimes the children are born addicted to drugs.

In contrast, most family law matters take place between private parties. Generally the parents argue about custodial time shares, with which parent the child will spend holidays, and where to do the custody exchange. Accordingly, when one has dealt with issues involving drugs, neglect, and abuse, holidays and time shares take on a different perspective.  That is not to say those issue are not imporant. I understand that they are very important to the parties involved. However, my work with children and families in the dependency arena enables me to keep perspective and to share that perspective with my  family law clients.

As a Los Angeles Family Law Attorney, my practice includes most aspects of divorce and family law.  In addition to custody and visitation issues, my practice also includes spousal and child support, and asset and property division.

My goal in setting up this blog site is to provide you with an overview of the major issues that arise in most family law cases and with an overview of my background.  Undoubtedly, you probably still have unanswered questions that are particular to your situation. Thus, please feel free to contact me to set up a consultation, based upon your individual needs.

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Los Angeles Family Law Attorney, Randi Susan Klein